‘US-led Anti-ISIS Coalition Has Not Been Successful So Far’

MEP: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei during a meeting with President of the Republic of Slovenia said there is one viewpoint; Americans have no plan to eradicate ISIS just like the British did during the period of colonialism in India. They kept Kashmir as a bone of contention as a result of which the two neighboring countries of India and Pakistan have been afflicted with differences and divides up to the present day.

Similarly, U.S. wants to act in such a way with regard to ISIS that this problem will remain unresolved in Iraq or Syria.

The second viewpoint is that Americans are willing to resolve the ISIS issue, but their mechanisms are not the way that they would be able to do, which of course, the result of both viewpoints has been the same up to the present time, and today Iraq and Syria in particular, are experiencing very bitter and difficult conditions.

While European countries have not been able to offer refuge to a maximum of just a few tens of thousands of asylum seekers, Iran has been hosting about three million people from Afghanistan for many years and has provided them conditions to study and live in the country and has treated refugees in a humane way with complete lenience.


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