US Has Dropped 948 Munitions in Afghanistan in a Single Month

9 Oct 2019

Kabul (MEP) – After the launch and use of 948 bombs by the US military in air strikes in various parts of Afghanistan, last September has been reported as the most unprecedented month since the last 18 years.

September is a historic month for Afghanistan, air strikes and the use of US bombs in Afghanistan are recorded following this month, MEP reports.

According to U.S. Air Forces Central Command, U.S. aircraft dropped 948 munitions in various parts of Afghanistan during the month of September.

The bombs were dropped by drones and fighter jets, the report said.

The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has said that air strikes on the Taliban’s positions have been stepped up following the cancellation of the US-Taliban peace talks by Donald Trump.

Nine-year bombing and missile strikes in Afghanistan are recorded by US while UN had formerly reported that the highest number of casualties to Afghan civilians are taken place by foreign forces during air raids in the first half of the 2019.

Last year, about 7,362 munitions were dropped by US and coalition in Afghanistan.

948 Munitions



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