UNICEF applies $ 50 million for Afghan children

3 Feb 2019

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has called on International Community to allocate $ 50 million in aid to support four million Afghan children.

According to Middle East News Agency; “from 4 million needful Afghan children, 500,000 of them need urgent assistances.” UNICEF said at a meeting today (Sunday, February 03) in Herat.

Insisting on apply of $ 50 million, the foundation emphasize that the majority of Afghan children face serious problems due to war, insecurity and drought.

According to the UNICEF program, about $ 26 million must be used to combat malnutrition, $ 7 million for safe drinking water, $ 7 million for education, $ 5 million for children protection, $ 2.5 million for health and $ 2 million for coordination and emergency situations.

This plan is announced by UNICEF while a large proportion of Afghan Children have remained out of education and safe life.

Afghan children


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