UNHCR guarantees to continue help for Afghan refugees: Haripur

KABUL: (MEP) – United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has restated its commitment to support Afghan refugees in Pakistan through the joint projects of Refugee Affected and Hosting Areas (RAHA) initiatives, SP Reported.

Director Bureau UNHCR for Asia & the Pacific, Ms. Daisy Dell, while inaugurating a vocational training in center for Pakistani and Afghan women in Haripur, said “We will continue to support the refugees for as long as they stay in Pakistan.” Concluding a week long mission to Pakistan, Ms. Daisy Dell visited Haripur Refugee Village and different project sites where she mingled with Afghan refugees hosted by Pakistani communities. On this occasion Afghan refugees thanked the government of Pakistan for extending the validity of the Proof of Registration (POR) cards until 31 December 2015. Around 3.9 million individuals (585,000 Afghan refugees and 3.315 million Pakistani citizens) are currently benefiting from the RAHA projects in Pakistan.

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