Unexploded ordnance NATO threatens Afghan civilian’s lives

The UN demining group – Mine Action Coordination Centre on Sunday warned that unexploded ordnance left behind by NATO troops is threatening lives of a rising number of civilians as they are leaving Afghanistan, Khaama reported.

Director of Mine Action Coordination Centre, Mohammad Sediq Rashid urged the NATO-led coalition security forces to take immediate actions in order to clean clean up military bases and firing ranges from unexploded ordnance before leaving the country next year.

Mr. Rashid further added that at least 3 Afghan civilians, mostly children, have been killed or injured by unexploded ordnance found in or around ISAF bases and firing ranges since 2008.

“I think the main reason (for this increase) is because of these firing ranges,” he said. “The evidence suggests there is a problem, this job is not being done properly,” Mohammad Sediq Rashid quoted by AFP said.

He said more than 400 items of unexploded ordnance in the area by his team where a military base had been abandoned and there was also a firing range nearby.

According to Mr. Rashid at least three civilians were killed and five others were injured following unexploded ordnance explosion in Kohi Safi district of northern Parwan province in January this year.

He said, in a separate incident in Bamyan province of Afghanistan at least two teenage boys were seriously injured.

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