UN: Violence in East Ukraine Left 4,000 Dead

KABUL: (Middle East Press) The UN says the death toll from fighting between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine has beat 4,000 in over six months despite a recent ceasefire between the warring sides.

“As of October 29, at least 4,035 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine and 9,336 have been wounded,” the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in its weekly report published on Friday.

The report further suggested that 442,219 people have been internally displaced due to the bloodshed; while as many as 488,466 have escaped to neighboring countries.

The latest casualty came on Friday when one civilian was killed in fresh clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia forces in the country’s volatile eastern city of Donetsk.

Local residents in Donetsk said overnight shelling intensified in the early hours of Friday and a number of Ukrainian soldiers were killed during the fighting.

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