U.S. Air-raid Kills ‘Dozens Of People’ In Yemen: Pentagon

airstrikesKABUL: (MEP) Dozens of people were killed in an American airstrike targeted at what it described an al-Qaeda training camp in a mountainous area of Yemen, the Pentagon announced late Tuesday.

Peter Cook, the Pentagon spokesman, announced late Tuesday that the US had bombed a mountain redoubt in Yemen used by al-Qaida’s local affiliate, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). He said it was a “training camp” used by “more than 70 AQAP terrorists”.

Tuesday’s air strike was the most recent US attack on AQAP in Yemen.

“Early this morning the US military conducted an airstrike against an al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula training camp in Yemen. The camp was located in the mountains, and was being used by more than 70 AQAP terrorists,” Cook said.

An independent assessment of the actual impact of the strike, to include a full casualty total and civilian impact, was not immediately available. The Pentagon did not provide further detail of where in Yemen the alleged camp was located.

Since late January 2015, AQAP has lost a number of high-profile figures in US drone strikes – including leader Nasser al-Wuhayshi, religious official Harith al-Nadhari, ideologue and spokesman Ibrahim al-Rubaish along with lower ranking figures, BBC reported.





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