Turkey’s Continual Attacks on PKK’s Positions in Iraq

Despite the opposition of the Arab countries against the Turkish military presence in Iraq, Ankara wrecked some parts of Iraq.

The Foreign Minister of Iraq, Mohammad Ali al-Hakim, during a conference of Arab Foreign Ministers in Tunisia, on behalf of the Arab states, expressed his opposition to the presence of Turkish troops in his country and called for the withdrawal of these troops from Baghdad; according to international section of Middle East Press.

“Turkish troops attacked the positions of the PKK in the areas of Afshin, Zab, and Hakkur in northern Iraq yesterday”, Turkish Defense minister wrote on Twitter.

As a result of these attacks, it is said that the positions, ammunition stores and trenches of these forces have been completely destroyed.

Meanwhile, Turkish military airstrikes and battling continue to prevail over the attacks on the PKK terrorist groups despite opposition from parties, political figures, and people for many years.


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