Turkey, Qatar And Israel Military Coalition

60305170_30acf3a6fcKABUL: (Middle East Press) According to Israeli press reports, Turkey with mediation of Zionist regime intends to establish military base in Qatar in a ten-year agreement and also it is going to use available military bases in Qatar.

Under this agreement, Turkey will benefit from Qatar’s land, air and marine sources.

The agreement is valid for ten years and each year will be extended for the next year.

The presence of Turkish troops in Qatar will make possible Turkey’s cooperation with U.S. Central Command that is based in Qatar.

According to Turkish journalist, Lale Kemal, it seems that there is no one behind this agreement except Israel.

He added that despite deterioration of security relations, the volume of Israel-Turkish trade has grown significantly in 2014 and Israel would benefit from improving Turkish- Qatari relations in a complicated and coordinated plan with America.

It seems that Qatar-Turkey coalition with mediation of Israel can be a possible alternative for the role of Saudi Arabia which is on the verge of collapse.


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