Trump`s Precipitancy for Afghan Peace Talks

6 Feb 2019

In an annual speech at the congress, the US president said that his government has speeded the Afghan peace talks with the Taliban.

According to Middle East Press, Donald Trump delivered his annual speech to the US Congress today morning (Wednesday, February 06) and talked on significant issues.

“My administration has been holding constructive talks with a number of groups in Afghanistan, including the Taliban,” he said in a part of his speech about Afghanistan.

According to Trump, with the advancement in negotiations, forces can be reduced so they can focus on fighting terrorism.

“We do not know whether we will come to an agreement, but at least we know that after two decades, it’s time to work for peace,” Trump declared. And oppositions wants so.

He emphasized that he would speed up negotiations to reach a political agreement in Afghanistan, as well opposing side is very satisfied for discussion.

But the president of the United States expressing his doubts on reaching to an agreement with armed Taliban, considered it as attempt to achieve peace and a must reaching political agreement. He also assumed the outcome of these negotiations to be aligned with reduce of US troops in Afghanistan.

Democrat and Republican critics in US congress consider Trump`s decision on withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Syria as Precipitance and disagreed with him.


Peace Talks


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