Truck fully with 50 tons of explosives seized in Paktia

KABUL: (MEP) – Afghan security forces thwarted militant’s plans to carry out suicide attacks and explosions in eastern Paktia province of Afghanistan by seizing a truck laden with 50 tons of explosives.

Afghan intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) following a statement on Sunday announced that the militants were looking to use the explosives for terrorist activities in Gardez city.

The statement further added that the truck was laden with Trinitrotoluene explosives and was seized by Afghan intelligence before the militants manage to use the explosives for terrorist activities.

According to the NDS officials, Trinitrotoluene explosives were hidden under the fire woods loaded on a truck, khaama reported.

Paktia is among the restive provinces in eastern Afghanistan that border Pakistan and have endured some of the highest levels of fighting during the US-led 12-year war in Afghanistan.

Paktia has been a hotbed of insurgent activity, both for Afghan militants and Pakistani insurgents who are frequently crossing the border to attack Afghan and coalition security forces.

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