Three Reasons Why Israeli Regime Insists on Close Ties with Greece

israel-flag-dec08KABUL: (Middle East Press) In recent years, Greece has been dealing with serious economic and financial crises, and this has been a major cause of concern for the Greek government and people; the government was always looking for a solution to the country’s economic crisis. However, some European and non-European countries have been trying to exploit the situation to their own advantage.  Monitoring the situation in Greece and the dilemma that this country has been caught up in, the Israeli regime is trying to use the situation to win concessions from the Greek government and pursue its own military, political and economic objectives.

It should be noted that Greece’s leftist government, for some reasons, has been very considerate to the Israeli regime and because of common interests in various fields, it has welcomed the expansion of its relations with Tel Aviv Regime.  This means that Greece has put the expansion of its relation with Israeli regime on the foreign policy agenda because it needs to have a strong defense system in the West Asia to make balance against Turkey, and on the other hand, due to the economic crisis, Greece has to develop close relations with the Israeli regime.

Accordingly, the crisis in Greece and the government’s desire on the one hand, and opportunism of the Zionist regime in taking advantage of the position of Greece on the other hand, provide an opportunity for the Zionist authorities to develop their relations with Athens in different aspects.

1. In terms of military cooperation, the Israeli regime has been trying to improve its relations with the Greek government to make up for the reduced level of relations between Tel Aviv and Ankara. Accordingly, we witness the military cooperation between the two sides over the past few years, to the extent that several joint maneuvers have been held between the Israeli regime and Greece.

It is worth mentioning that there has been historical animosity between Greece and Turkey. However, during recent talks, both sides have declared that they have resolved the disagreements over Cyprus. Nevertheless, the long-standing border disputes which are historically and geopolitically deep rooted, are not usually resolved by just some diplomatic meetings. Therefore, the Israeli regime seeks to create a rival for Turkey so that it can form a balancing coalition.

2. In terms of economic dimension, the Zionist regime is trying to use the situation in Greece to win some concessions and gain some exemptions from the Greek government to offset some of the economic problems in the upcoming years. In this regard, the Zionist affiliated media in Greece suggest that with the improvement of relations with Israeli regime and winning the favor of the Israeli officials, Jewish capitalists in Europe and the United States would be convinced to invest part of their wealth in Greece, so that they can assist the Greek economy which is now badly in need of foreign investment.

However, Greece is well aware of the extensive relations of the Israeli regime with the United States and Europe, and the political and economic influence of the Jewish lobby on the West. Therefore, some of the Greek authorities take advantage of this situation to put Europe under pressure to offset the austerity policies imposed by the European Union. Nevertheless, the history has shown that because of complicated relations of the West with the Jewish lobby and their mutual interests, this policy is virtually inefficient for crisis-hit and developing countries.

3. In terms of political dimension, Israeli regime is trying to use the voting rights of Greece in international organizations to pursue its political goals, such as countering the Palestinians in the international community, and reducing the pressure of the international community caused by the Israeli regime’s violence against the Palestinians, etc.

In general, it should be noted that although some goals of the Tel Aviv regime include developing closer ties with Greece in military and security dimensions, what is more important is the existence of common economic factors, especially in the Greek side that tries to use all the tools available to save the country from economic crisis. Otherwise, with regard to political and security aspects, it does not seem that the Greek could play the role that Ankara played in the West Asia for the Tel Aviv.


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