Three Ministers Refused To Attend The Parliament

MEP: Ministers of Justice, Higher Education and Housing and Urban Development to the House of Representatives did not attend the impeachment session and instead replaced their written reports about their development budget in 1394 solar year.

Based on parliament to impeach ministers that have consumed less than 70 percent of the development budget in the year, Sayed Saadat Mansoor Naderi, Minister of Urban Development, Farida Momand, Minister of Higher Education and Justice Minister, Abdul Basir Anwar were invited to the impeachment meeting today.

But the three ministers, did not attend at the meeting as well as other three ministers that refused to present at the meeting yesterday, therefore the parliament is expected to decide about their fate.

However, a number of representatives with written signature, so keep the questions of country’s authorities have asked the parliament to stop the impeachment of ministers for two weeks.

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives Eklil Hakimi, Finance Minister Mohammaddullah Batash, Minister of Transport and Asadullah Hanif Balkhi, the minister of education were impeached in absentia that after vote only Finance Minister retained and two other ministers dismissed.

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