The Nexus Between Tunisian Fighters in Syria and Western Intelligence Services

11356284_915630481831406_1333229057_nKABUL: (Middle East Press) According to Al Mayadeen TV, Mazen al-Sharif, a senior Tunisian security and military expert, referring to statistics from Tunisian terrorists in Syria, including thousands of individuals and specialized said: the number of Tunisian terrorists in Syria is about 5 thousand people that 1,500 of whom were killed.

Among them, there are hundreds of terrorist leaders who have strong ties with western intelligence services and they also have major investments in Tunisia.

In the same way, Zahir Al Meghzawi, Secretary General of popular front coalition (Tunisia) believes that most people who carry out terrorist attacks in Tunisia are those who have returned from Syria where they trained and fought.

It should be noted at the end of March; Uqba ibn Nafi terrorist group that recently gave allegiance to ISIL in a terrorist attack on the Tunisian Bardo Museum took a group of Museum visitors as hostages. The attack claimed the lives of 20 foreign tourists.


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