The new game of the United States in Afghanistan?!

More than nineteen years after the United States and its alliances invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban by their own forces, now a new game is starting in Afghanistan.

Actually the US attacked and invaded Afghanistan to destroy Taliban but later and after a “military defeat” against the group, the US set to negotiate and signed a peace agreement following one-year talks.

Therefore, the agreement and recent actions in Afghanistan, especially in the Hazarajat areas, will reveal a new US plan and game in Afghanistan.

It is clear to everyone that the Hazara people in Afghanistan have not been involved in any of the wars, and that their men and women are seeking “peace” instead of war and conflicts.

However, the Hazara people suffered many imposed wars in recent years; the war in the north, war in the Hazarajat areas, the deadly attacks for which the ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility, all are signs of the imposed war that is killing Hazaras in the first steps.

Tuesday’s attack on the maternity hospital where most pregnant women and newborns were killed, suicide attack on Moud Educational Center, attack on Junbish-e Roshnai (Enlightening Movement) protest march, and systematic massacres are among assaults that targeted, Hazara people.

ISIL’s claim for attacks on Hazaras, strengthens speculation about US political game to create mentality of transfer of Fatemiyoun fighters from the Syrian war to Afghanistan.

According to the United States, the Fatemiyoun Brigade fighters have fought hard against ISIS in Syria and even made many sacrifices, and if it can strengthen the battlefield in the Hazarajat through ISIS, the Fatemiyoun will change their battlefield from Syria to Afghanistan to defend their people.

If the United States succeeds in setting this program, bringing the Fatemiyoun from Syrian war to Afghanistan, the country will easily implement their plans and find their challenges less in Syria.

Let’s remember that mindset of transfer of Fatemiyoun Brigade from Syria to Afghanistan was first announced through commercial breaks on some media outlets early this year.

In these planned announcements, the flag of the Fatemiyoun Brigade was displayed next to the flag of the ISIS terrorist group; while the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan has been proven, but there is no evidence that show the Fatemiyoun fighters were operating in the country.

These are the openings and plans for the new US post-Taliban program for Afghanistan.

What brings the speculation about the US new game closer to certainty are the unconfirmed reports that Washington has requested a list of victims of the Hazara people in the recent Taliban attacks in the north of the country.

The move is said to identify potential members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade in the recent clashes between Hazaras and Taliban or other armed groups; so that the United States seeks to provide financial aids to their families in the central Afghanistan.

Thus, the new US plan is to promote the “imposed war” on the Hazaras, who have mostly fallen victim for seeking peace, improvement and education, in order to lead this people into an unwanted war and succeed in carrying out its plans.

However, Hazara people are most involved with education, civility, and peace and have shown this approach over and over again during the years of Afghanistan’s history.

By: civil society activist, Farhad Tabesh

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