Terrorism eliminated without US or NATO support: Karzai

KABUL: (MEP) – Afghan President Hamid Karzai during his talks on 13th Shanghai Summit has said regional nations should not wait for US or NATO to tackle the problem of terrorism in the region, 1TV reported.

He believed if Pakistan supports Afghanistan in war against insurgency, soon the phenomena of the terrorism would be vanished.

Karzai, in his remarks during the summit, held at Bishkek, capital of Kirghizstan, once again warned on outcomes of insurgency in the region.

Calling Afghanistan as front line in countering terrorism, Afghan President has contended his nation is paying heavy price in the war against terrorism, aimed at securing Afghanistan and the region.

Meantime, some regional nations believe post International troops withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014, Afghanistan would again go back to insecurity and instability.

But, Afghan President he would not allow the decade achievements to go in vain.

He maintained: “we want to have close relationships with the countries with them we have signed pacts, the agreements we have inked, do not thread our neighbors or any other country.”

At the same time, Afghan President, during his visit has met with the President of Russia, Iran, Tajik and Kirghizstan.

Vladimir Putin has committed Afghan head of state that Russia will help Afghanistan in war against terrorism by providing Afghan security forces with equipment’s.

At other side, Karzai`s agenda during his meeting with the Iranian President was reported to have been expanding mutual relationships, Afghan peace talks, Afghanistan pacts with other countries, regional issues and anti-narcotics drives.

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