Taliban’s Theft in Ghor Province

2014-12-17-talibanKABUL: (Middle East Press) Taliban have reportedly attacked on a village and have stolen hundreds of thousands of people’s money forcibly in Ghor province, officials said Tuesday.

The incident took place in Mosom area known as New Espand of Dawolatyar district.

The militants have also taken up to 600 of their livestock with them, the officials added

According to officials, the Taliban in addition to looting the people’s estate, a woman and a girl were also sustained injuries due to a hand bomb.

Mohammad Mosa kaleem, the governor of Dawolatyar district said, the Taliban militants after the attack on two residences, have set the houses and the harvests of the people on fire.

Dawolatyar added that the Taliban have forcefully taken 250,000 Af of poor people during the attack.

Police officials have launched an investigation regarding the incident.


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