Taliban Shadow governor killed in Ghazni

6 Jul 2019

During joint air strikes on Taliban positions in Ghazni province, the groups` shadow governors for Jeghatu and Khowaja Omari districts were killed.

The joint security operations of the Afghan security forces have intensified over the past two days in the province of Ghazni, according to Middle East Press.

Press Office of Ghazni Province released a newsletter today (Saturday, July 06) saying, 11 armed Taliban members including Khwaja Omari and Jeghatu shadow district governors, were killed last night.

Abdul Khalq, known as Abu Muhammad, was introduced as shadow governor for Jeghatu district and Mullah Munir as Taliban`s shadow governor for Khwaja Omari district.

The report also said that 9 armed Taliban had been killed in an air strike in Ander and Qarabagh districts.

The armed Taliban have not yet commented on this.


Shadow governor


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