Taliban release video of Afghan soldier attacking NATO troops

KABUL: (MEP) – The Taliban group militants in Afghanistan recently published a video of a rogue Afghan National Army soldier responsible for killing a Slovakian International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) member and injuring six others in early July, khaama reported.

The video shows Taliban group honoring the Afghan soldier Lambar Khan, along with another Afghan soldier who helped him escape from the custody a week after he carried out the attack.

Taliban spokesman in a statement said, “On the first of the current month of Ramadan, an Afghan champion from Jalalabad (Lambar Khan S/O Lajbar), based at the international Kandahar airbase and working in the army, carried out a courageous attack on foreign invaders due to his Islamic and Afghan fervor, killing five invaders on the spot and leaving two others wounded.”

The statement further added, “The champion was captured alive by the enemy after the attack and transferred to a military prison. After several days of his imprisonment, the said champion broke out of prison with the assistance of his friend (Lieutenant Ihsanullah) and Allah (SWT) before safely joining up with Mujahideen who in turn welcomed both of them with flowers and celebratory fire.”

Lambar Khan who appears in the 37 minutes video, producted by Al Emara Jihadi Studio said that he had planned to attack Coalition forces who were involved in “carrying out night raids and detaining people.”

Khan further added that he joined the Afghan National Army eight months ago, but he had planned to kill Coalition forces prior to joining the army.

The other Afghan soldier who helped Lambar Khan to escape from custody also appears in the video, and said that helped him escape from custody five days later by taking him to a medical clinic on the base, where he unshackled Khan and both men made their escape.

Ihasanullah further added that he helped Khan because he believed Khan was “ghazi”.

He also admitted that that every Afghan soldier at Kandahar Airfield also believed Khan was “ghazi.”

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