Taliban rejected involvement with today`s Kabul explosions

3 Jun 2017

Taliban insurgent in a statement released rejected involvement with explosions took place today in Kabul.

Three explosions rocked the funeral ceremony of Salim Ezadyar, son of Mohammad Alam Ezatyar, Meshrano Jirga deputy, in the Khair Khana district and killed and wounded many.

Salim Ezadyar died during an anti-government protest over spiraling insecurity in Kabul.

The Taliban in their statement related these explosions to the inherent pessimism and enmity of Afghanistan enemies.

“Any explosion or suicide attack aiming at killing civilians and lack legitimate justifications are avoided by Taliban” the Taliban statement said

Taliban reassured Afghan nation that two-days-ago and today explosions in Kabul have not been carried out by Taliban.

Three attacks in Badam Bagh district of Saray-e Shamali left at least 100 killed and wounded.

No group yet taken the responsibility of these explosion.

Taliban rejected involvement with today`s Kabul explosions

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