Taliban Rebel leader killed in Herat

KABUL: (MEP) – A Taliban leader was killed by Afghan Commandos during a clearing operation in Adraskan district’s Nagal village of western Herat province, the alliance said in a statement Tuesday.

Mullah Isah was the Taliban’s shadow governor in the district. He enforced the Taliban’s use of violence as a way to control district locals, the statement said.

“The death of Mulla Isah will create stability for the district”, said Adraskan district Chief Lal Mohammad.

Isah was responsible for attacks against Afghan forces traveling through Highway 1, a major trade route in western Afghanistan’s Zerekoh Valley, wakht reported.

Commandos and Afghan National Army Special Forces soldiers have conducted several operations over the past six months targeting Taliban leaders throughout the province in order to improve peace and stability.

“The operations are effective in deterring the Taliban,” said Mohammad, stressing the importance Afghan Commandos have in shaping the district’s future.

Isah’s death will have an impact on the number of militant attacks that often cause civilian deaths along the highway.

The insurgents had not still commented on the report.

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