Taliban perilous leader killed in Balkh

16 May 2019

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said one of the most dangerous head of the armed Taliban in Balkh province was killed in a security operation.

According to the Middle East Press, the Ministry of the Interior today (Thursday, May 16) announced that Molla Khadem has been killed in the village of Mogul in Balkh district.

The statement said that six other Taliban had been killed and one of the most key members of the group was arrested.

The Ministry of Interior said that 8 villages in the Balkh district have been completely refined from the presence of the Taliban, and a car and three motorcycles of them have been destroyed.

Mullah Khadem, a key Taliban-member in the Balkh district of Balkh province, played a significant role in designing and organizing terrorist attacks.

Armed Taliban have not yet commented on this.



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