Taliban Kill Five Hazara Passengers, Set Their Bodies on Fire in Ghazni

KABUL (MEP) – Ghazni local officials say armed Taliban killed five Hazaras, brutally set their dead bodies on fire in Jaghatu District.

Ghazni provincial council chairman Nasir Ahmad Faqiri told MEP that the Taliban had shot, killed five passengers after getting them of the car.

The Taliban did not just kill these people but also set their bodies on fire in a horrific act, he noted.

Faqiri says two of the men were military personnel and the other three were civilians, all of them Hazara people.

Ghazni Provincial Council Chairman stated that the burnt bodies are in the hospital and will be handed over to their families.

However local officials in Ghazni blame the Taliban for the brutal act, the group has not yet commented.

The assassination of passengers in Ghazni and other provinces have not been unprecedented, and that the armed opposition groups have repeatedly gotten the passengers out of their vehicles and killed them.

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