Taliban Insurgents Storm Security Outposts in Daikundi

KABUL (MEP) – Two security personnel were killed and wounded in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint in Kajran district of Daikundi province.

Taliban fighters Saturday attacked security outposts in the Khaksar and 12-Emam villages of Kajran district.

A spokesman for the Daikundi governor, Abbas Kamyar, confirmed the attack, saying the Taliban had fled the area after two hours of clashes.

At least two soldiers were killed, wounded in the attack.

Kamyar also said that the Taliban had also suffered major casualties, but he did not provide exact statistics.

According to another report, a civilian and a security force were killed in a roadside bomb blast in Kajran district yesterday.

The armed Taliban have not yet commented.

Kajran district is one of the insecure areas of Daikundi province that is bordering Helmand, a war-turned province in the country.

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