KABUL: (Middle East Press) Taliban insurgents have captured at least 12 police security stations in central Urozgan province, officials said.

The governor of Uruzgan’s Gizab district, Haji Abdullah Khan, said the militants overran the security posts following two weeks of heavy clashes with Afghan soldiers.

He said that Taliban are about two kilometers away from the district center.

The Afghan official said at least 12 militants and four Afghan forces have been killed during the clashes.

He warned that the militants, now heading toward the district center, may gain control over Gizab if local forces do not receive immediate assistance.

However, Colonel Rahimullah Khan the deputy police chief of Urozgan province said that security forces had tactically stepped back from some points.

Earlier, a bomb explosion carried out by Taliban militants in Uruzgan’s Deh Rawad district claimed the lives of at least six people, including one woman.


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