Strong Earthquake Hit Central Japan

KABUL: (Middle East Press) A strong earthquake that hit a mountainous area, left dozens of people injured in central Japan.

Japan Meteorological Agency, however, measured the quake at magnitude 6.7. Aftershocks also followed the main quake.

Officials said Sunday that dozens of homes have been destroyed in two villages in quake-hit areas.

Rescue forces have so far rescued nearly two dozen people trapped under the wreckage of the homes that collapsed.

Shigeharu Fujimori, a Nagano prefecture disaster management official, said that the “hardest-hit area was in the mountains and thinly populated, where neighbors have a close relationship and help each other.”

“So I don’t think anyone has been forgotten or left isolated,” Fujimori said.

Hundreds of residents were evacuated from their houses in the region as the quake caused power and water outages. No tsunami warning has been reported.

Japan is an earthquake-prone country as it sits on an area of high seismicity.

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