Strategic reserves required to control hiking prices

KABUL: (MEP) – Following the sky-rocketing prices of daily-use items, the ministry of commerce and industries said control over prices was difficult due to insufficient strategic reserves.

At the day marking World Competition Day, the deputy trade minister said a new plan has been drafted to improve the market situation in Afghanistan.

Mutasel Komaki added the new plan was aimed at controlling the prices and establishing fair competition in the country’s markets, Ariana news reported.

“Every year with the arrival of winter we face the same problem. The prices go high and uncontrollable. If we had strategic reserves, we could create a healthy completion in the market. Anyhow, we promise to work on this along with the cooperation of private sector,” deputy minister Mutasel Komaki said.

But the inhabitants of Kabul complain of high prices of food items and fuel. According to the inhabitants of capital city, the food prices have inclined by 30 percent over the past few weeks.

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