Strategic Divisions Between Egypt & Saudi Arabia

Egypt and Saudi ArabiaKABUL: (Middle East Press) According to Euro news reporter Faiza Garah, the rift in Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s relation had begun to widen. She mentioned some factors underlying their current differences in her article.

Egypt’s opposition to the ground invasion in Yemen, strategic differences between Egypt and Saudi Arabia for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood are some mentioned factors in that article. While Saudi Arabia extends hand to the Muslim Brotherhood and King Salman collaborates with this group, Sisi lists them as a terrorist organization and consider them a main cause for internal conflict in Egypt.

The third difference between Egypt and Saudi Arabia is “Syria crisis”. Egypt claims that Bashar Assad is part of a whole, while Saudi Arabia wants to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. Saudi Arabia is also opposite with Egypt to play host for Syrian opposition.

Next difference is internal crisis in Libya, Saudi Arabia is not optimistic towards Egyptian policies in Libya.

Saudi Arabia is also skeptical about Russian-Egyptian relations. That’s why Putin letter to Arab summit triggered strong Saudi attack.

According to Euro news reporter, Saudi authorities believe that Saudi-sponsored Muslim Brotherhood groups are the best tool against Shiites and Ansarullah in Yemen and in the region.





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