Statement Of The Yemeni Anti-Intervention Political Parties’ Coalition About US Secretary Of State’s Remarks About The Intervention In Yemen

26 Jan 2016

Ker4534535In the name of Allah the Merciful

The executive commission of the Yemeni anti-intervention political parties’ coalition follow with great interest the developments at the Yemeni political arena and its repercussions locally, regionally and internationally including remarks those issued by the US Secretary of State (John Kerry) during a meeting with his counterparts in Gulf countries in Riyadh. According to those remakes, beyond any doubt the United States is the primary sponsor of the intervention on our beloved country, and this is what contained our political speeches over the days of intervention.

We in the leadership of the Executive commission of the Yemeni anti-intervention political parties’ coalition condemn these statements, which establishes through which to commit more crimes against the Yemeni people and represent a continuation of the systematic killing, destruction, displacement and disrupt the political track, which is sponsored by the United Nations, emphasize the following:


The United States hold all the legal, humanitarian and ethical consequences as a result of those statements and the adoption of a formal participation in the intervention against our beloved Yemen.


We call upon the international institution (the United Nations) and all liberals of the world, individuals and groups, to sensing their responsibilities towards the continuation of the intervention against Yemen and its repercussions at all levels.


We call on the Arabic and Islamic nation and governments that condemned the intervention on Yemen to understand the risk of what is practiced by the forces of US-led global arrogance for our nation, which became evident through Zio-American agendas in the region and the involvement of many of the region’s countries in this hostile agendas –that are against our values, principles and issues, most notably the Palestinian issue-.


We call on the great Yemeni people for more cohesion, unity and rally around our brave heroes in the army and security forces and the popular committees and the continuation of the diverse supports by men, money and food convoys which represents a continuation of our people stance that impeded and frustrated the criminal schemes that targeted our country continuously for a period of more than ten months of intervention.


We call on all anti-intervention political forces and components, revolutionary organizations, various media and users of social media by focusing on the importance of using the “Saudi American intervention in Yemen” term, in political speeches and media messages in line with the current stage and future stages of intervention.

Mercy on our righteous martyrs and a quick recovery to the wounded,

Victory and empowerment for our military, security forces and popular committees,

Shame and humiliation on the arrogant wicked invaders,

God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

Issued by the executive commission of the Yemeni anti-intervention political parties’ coalition


Sunday, January 24th, 2016



Yemeni Anti-Intervention

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