Spread of Coronavirus in Afghanistan’s Herat is Rumor

22 Feb 2020

KABUL (MEP) – The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Herat city in western Afghanistan is rumor, according to local health officials.

However, a coronavirus case was reported in western Herat city early Saturday morning. But, Herat governor and health officials deny the report and say it is a rumor.

The Herat Province Newsletter states that “a state-medium outlet’s claim that a positive case of a coronavirus was registered in Herat is untrue.”

According to the newsletter, no positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in Herat so far, but serious precautionary measures have been taken to prevent possible transmission of the virus across the land and air borders of Herat.

Meanwhile, the latest case of coronavirus out of mainland China was reported in Iran, with four dead and 18 people infected.




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