Special Treatment for the Injured Militants of ISIL in Turkey

KABUL: (Middle East Press) According to one of the nurses in the Acibadem Kayseri Hospital, those fighters of ISIL that cannot be treated in the field hospitals are transferred to this hospital, Aydınlık, Turkish news agency reported.

The wounded Libyan members of ISIL are quarantined in this hospital and special treatment is carried out for them and they will be returned back to the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria after complete recovery.

Despite the disclosure of the issue in the media, the Turkish government has allowed treatment of the militants and known it legally and Turkish health minister indifferently tried to use the word “patient” instead of “wounded” to terminate this issue.

Libyan Embassy in Turkey confirmed the nationality of the injured Libyan terrorists of ISIL and thanked the actions of the Turkish security forces in support of its nationals.

ISIL forces are exclusively using hospitals in Gaziantep province specially the seventy-five-bed hospital in Shahinbi in Akyol under supervision of the Turkish military and security authorities and hotel Hilton Kayseri is also completely in the hands of the terrorists of ISIL.


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