Sisi Congratulates Michel Aoun For His Presidency

MEP: Emaratalyoum Newspaper announced that Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egypt President sent a congratulatory massage on Michel Aoun’s nomination as Lebanon President.

In another letter, he also congratulated to Saad Hariri.

The Egypt president expressed his delight at appointing Saad Hairi to form government administration. He stated that Egypt is ready to have relations with Lebanon in almost all aspects.

Finally, after Two years and half, Lebanon recognized its real President.

Michel Aoun, a charismatic retired general, polarizing Christian politician and ally to Hezbollah, has selected as president of Lebanon on Monday, ending more than two years of political deadlock in the country.

Aoun gained 83 votes out of the 127 deputies attending Monday’s second round of voting.

Mr. Aoun, 81, has developed a fervent political base of supporters who consider him a last hope for the country’s dwindling Maronite Christian community.


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