Senators says: Both Afghan-Pakistan Are Victims of Terrorism

KABUL: (MEP) – A joint meeting was held between the commission of defense affairs of senate of Afghanistan and Pakistan on security issues in Kabul, BNA reported.

The Pakistan senators are led by Senator Mushahed Hussain Sayed chairman of the defense Affairs and defense productions and general director of Muslim League party of Pakistan and the Afghan parliamentary delegation led by Sayed Farukh Shah Jenab secretary of the Senate.

At this joint session discussions took place on reasons leading to insecurity in the region and they explained their views on this issue and both delegations are unanimous that both countries are victims of terrorism and they insisted that there is a need for a joint struggle against this heinous phenomenon.

They stressed that economic cooperation between the two nations has increased and attention should be directed on the economic growth and the problems existing between the two nations should be resolved through talks and the old politics should be avoided and much work should be directed at ensuring good neighborliness, mutual respect between the two nations.

The Afghan senators said that they are optimistic that the visit of Pakistani senators to Kabul will provide opportunity for implementation project of transferring gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan to Pakistan and India.

Also ensuring good relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan will facilitate transmission of power from Tajikistan to Pakistan and extending railways between the countries of the regions.

According to Afghan senators Pakistan and Afghanistan have common cultural and linguistic bonds and Pakistan has assisted the Afghan during Jihad years and currently is host a considerable of Afghan refugees.

At this meeting expansion of trade between the two nations was considered the best option for ensuring regional security and the viewpoints of the sides should take practical shape.

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