Security Forces Retake Karano Manjan District in Badakhshan

11 Sep 2019

KABUL (MEP) — The Karano Manjan districts was recaptured by security forces after nearly two months, said Badakhshan provincial officials.

The district was withdrawn from armed Taliban control today, Wednesday, September 11, after special and extensive operations were carried out by security forces.

In accordance to a newsletter by Badakhshan Province Press Office, popular forces along with security forces played an important role in recapturing the district.

“Haji Abdul Malik, a local commander in the Karan and Manjan districts who had recently surrendered to Taliban under pressure by the group, along with 40 of his men supported security forces and recaptured Karano Manjan district headquarter, and set the three-colored flag of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan over the district building.”

The newsletter did not provide more details, saying an armored tank and a number of Ranger and Taliban ammunition were also seized by security forces.

Meanwhile, security officials in Badakhshan say more troops are to be deployed to secure the district.

It is noteworthy that during the last week, this is the third district in Badakhshan province to be recaptured by security forces; previously, the Yemgan and Warduj districts had been retaken after nearly 5 years.


Karano Manjan

Security Forces

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