Saudi In 28 Pages Of Scandal

03284230MEP: With bringing a small part of 28 pages of scandal to the light by CNN, the link between Saudi government and the ethnically – Saudi terrorists of 9/11 can be a trump card for Democrats in the US upcoming presidential election.

It is also a warning for Saudis to follow US-dictated orders and not to think of political independence in foreign policy domain.

This threat to Saudi, which seeks to cause instability in the Middle East with White House orders, was like cold water on mercenary Saudi to make this point clear that US has the power to reduce Saudi’s status to that of a terrorist supporter and nothing more. Also pressures from public opinion can stir things up to the point that millions of dollars in bribes to the incorrigible senators in Saudi Lobby cannot ameliorate the gravity of their flagrant acts even with the West’s support, according to CNN.

The 28-page report unveils the involvement of members of Saudi’s ruling family in the explosion of the World Trade Twin Towers and close link between Washington and Riyadh.

Bandar bin Sultan, as an influential prince, has a close relationship with US ex – president, George W. Bush.

Six months after 9/11 attacks, It came as a shock, when US Intelligence Services arrested the first accused in these attacks; a series of US-related telephone numbers were found.

During a night raid, Pakistani special forces arrested someone called Abu Zubaydah, who was found to be close to Osama bin Laden and was responsible for recruiting forces for Al-Qaeda organization.

Abu Zubaydah
Abu Zubaydah

Now after 14 years of Abu Zubaydah’s arrest, security information known as “28-page report” and provided for Congress members in 2002 regarding 9/11 attacks has come out of its secret nature and explicitly showed that there has been an indirect relationship between 9/11 terrorist attacks agents and prominent members of Saudi Royal family such as Saudi ambassador to the US, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, which has been kept totally hidden from public eyes.

From 19 suicide bombers, 15 of them are Saudi nationals who hijacked four flying planes and changed US contemporary history. This tragic incident will cast a cloud over Washington-Riyadh relations for a long period of time.

Although the 28-page report which has recently come out of its confidentiality, could not find a direct and clear link between Prince Bandar bin Sultan and suicide agents of 9/11. However, it has provided clues as to the role Saudi regime played in 9/11 violent terrorist incidents.

Similarly, in this 28-page report, there has been no mention of the link between Saudi ex – ambassador and a Saudi national called Osama Basnan, who was living in the US at the time of 9/11 incidents.

The above-mentioned was investigated by the US security system to see whether or not he has assisted the plane hijackers. Confidential document has shown that Bandar bin Sultan and his wife sent indefinite amounts of money to Osama Basnan.

Osama Basnan was an employee in Saudi educational body located in Washington DC. And according to the 9/11 Commission documents whose information was garnered by FBI (in San Diego, California), he was living on the opposite side of the same street in which two of the hijackers (Al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi) were also living.

The two hijackers were Saudi nationals who “apparently” made the American Airlines Flight 77 plane crash into the Pentagon.

According to 9/11 Commission Report, Osama Basnan admitted to his FBI investigator that he met with Almihdhar and Al-Hazmi when they were living in San Diego but categorically denied these statements in his next investigation. Apparently Osama Basnan had closer relations with Al-Mihdhar and Al-Hazmi but FBI could not prove it.

Accusations levelled against Bandar and other Saudi citizens by joint committee in 2002 was not seeking the certainty of these possible relations with Saudi government since it was mentioned in the reports that “further investigations could provide more legal and impartial accounts of these relations.”

Graham, the ex – senator who made considerable efforts to publicly spread the 28-page account believes that there are adequate reasons for more precise investigations. He also called for the revelation of CIE and FBI responses to the questions posed in the 28-page report.

Graham asked whether 9/11 incidents Commission, FBI, CIE, or any other US organizations have probed into Bandar’s role in these relations. If so, what were the results?

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