Saudi Forces Used Poisonous Gas During The Mina Stampede, Says An Iran Expert

12041700_962600467134407_1094342788_nKABUL: (Middle East Press) Mr. Hasan Hanizadeh, an astute Middle-East expert in an interview with Iranian Nasim News Agency claimed that there is irrefutable evidence indicating the Saudi security forces indeed used poisonous gas deliberately during the annual Hajj rituals.

” the Saudi forces are blameworthy for the utter mismanagement for deadly hajj crush and the untimely presence of Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Defense Minister and King’s son’s large entourage which was accompanying him with 300 security personnel and 200 vehicles resulted in fatal blocking two of three the corridors in Mena,” said Mr. Hanizadeh.

By meticulous analyzing of the pictures and video clips, added Mr.Hanizadeh, and also with studying the autopsy reports and other pertinent facts one can ultimately assume that there was an unknown poisonous gas used at Thursday’s catastrophic stampede in the Holy Mecca.

“If you look at the pictures, you can find that most of the victims had no fractures neither in their skull nor in vital bones and also the approximate age of the Mecca’s victims ran the gamut from 25 to 40. This is a well-established fact that Human’s body is at the peak of its strength during that ages. All these indicate that a toxic gas was inhaled by pilgrims,” added Mr.Hanizadeh.

Mr. Hanizadeh explained the motives for such a disaster by pointing out to the simmering power struggle between the al-Sudairi and al-Shammari rival clans within the House of Saud .the Saudi security agents dispersed toxic chemicals among the pilgrims which led to the deadly incident. According to Mr. Hanizadeh all victims’ bodies’ must be examined in order to determine the real cause of their death.

Mr.Hanizadeh further added that certain political currents within Saudi security apparatus seek to outmaneuver their adversaries and expel them from the executive system .this claim can be corroborated by studying the pernicious conflict between high-ranking Saudi princes, the children of the former and the incumbent monarch. Thus in order to spare the lives of tens of thousands of pilgrims, the Hajj management should be relegated to Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


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