Saudi Arabia Threatens To Punish Hezbollah Supporters

14 Mar 2016

150122175822-salman-bin-abdulaziz-al-saud-exlarge-169KABUL: (MEP) Saudi Arabia announced Sunday that the Kingdom would set severe punishment for those linked to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.

“The Ministry of Interior confirms that any citizens or expatriates who endorse, show loyalty to the so-called Hezbollah, sympathize with it, promote it, donate to it, communicate with it or house or cover those who belong to it will be subjected to the severe penalties stated in the regulations and orders, including the regulation on crimes of terrorism and its financing, in addition to the deportation of any expatriates found guilty of such actions,” the ministry said in a press statement, Press TV reported.

The Saudi move comes after Gulf Arab countries declared Hezbollah a terrorist organization, raising the possibility of further sanctions against the group.

Riyadh’s move appears to be part of the monarchy’s anti-Shia campaign, including a severe crackdown on nationals residing in Eastern Province. Last year, the kingdom executed prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, which drew widespread condemnation from rights groups and various states.

Hezbollah Supporters

Saudi Arabia

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