Saudi Arabia Forces Social Media Websites to Delete Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s Fan Pages

KABUL: (MEP)  Instagram users are complaining of rising crackdown on pro-resistance fan pages, deleting the official page of Lebanon’s Hezbollah secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah without any previous notice. Recently, An Instagram page, highly popular for sharing materials from Hezbollah’s vantage point was deleted for the fourth time in a row.

Earlier, Facebook imposed unjust restrictions on users who posted Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s pictures and sayings, by deceiving the user’s account for a period of one week and if the user defied the American social networking website, his/her account would be deleted for good.

Social media experts castigate Facebook and Instagram for trampling the inalienable rights, namely freedom of expression, by citing empty slogans such as ‘promoting hatred’ and the allure of Saudi financial aid explains Facebook’s biased behaviour.

Five years after the begging of Syrian conflict, Facebook remains the key social networking website, connecting the Saudi-backed militants and a fertile ground for their malicious activities of spreading ethnic and religious hatred, albeit Facebook opted to side with al Qaeda-inspired rebels. Furthermore, as Saudi-led aggression raging in Yemen, Facebook promises radical Saudi users to widen the vicious Sunni-Shia schism. The Facebook’s deliberate indifference towards Wahhabi dangerous users evinces the biasness of its mangers.

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