Russia’s Opposition To Hekmatyar’s Removal From The Blacklist

MEP: While last week Moscow hosted the trilateral meeting of Afghanistan’s peace, but now reports indicate that Russia wants to include the name of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in the blacklist and sanctions of the United Nations, has rejected to remove his name from the list.

Whereas the Afghan government had asked the United Nations to facilitate the peace process with the Islamic Party, remove Gulbuddin Hekmatyar from the black list, but now Russia has opposed this demand.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Russia opposes removal of Gulbuddin’s name from the UN sanctions list.
However, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that his country only suspended Hekmatyar’s name removal from the UN blacklist and did not prevent it.

Yet, when the Afghan government urged to remove the name of Gulbuddin from the blacklist, the process can be more complicated to make peace with the Islamist party.

Due to the presence of Russian and veto power in the Security Council, could easily be an obstacle to peace with the Islamic Party, however, this comes as last week Moscow hosted talks under the name of “peace” in Afghanistan.

The removal of Gulbuddin’s name from UN sanctions list is one of the main conditions of the peace agreement between Afghanistan and the Islamic Party.

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