Russian Girl Arrested On Turkish-Syrian Border

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Varvara Karaulova a 19-year-old Russian girl who fled to Turkey in a bid to join the Islamic State (ISIL) terrorist organization has been detained while trying to cross into neighbouring Syria.

Varvara Karaulova, a second-year student of philosophy at the prestigious Moscow State University, was disappeared a week before her trip to Turkey.

This is not the first time that a Russian girl was engaged in terrorism. In 2014, the other girl called Diana Ramazanova, from Russia’s Muslim region of Dagestan, travelled to Turkey and has married a Norwegian citizen of Chechen origin. Then the both travelled to Syria. Diana returned to Turkey in early 2015 after the death of her husband and carried out a suicide bomb attack. An autopsy of her body revealed that she was also pregnant at the time of the attack.

But this time under Russian pressure, Varvara Karaulova and 12 others who intend to join ISIL terrorist organization were arrested on Turkish-Syrian border.

Varvara’s family says she is a very intelligent person and in addition to Russian, she is fluent in English and French as well. It is said that she was detained by the Turkish authorities along with 12 more. Names and other details of detainees have not been announced yet. But according to informal sources all those arrested are not Russian citizens and four of them are from Azerbaijan.



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