Roadside Bomb Blast Kills 6 Family Members in Jawzjan

24 Jun 2020

KABUL (MEP) – A roadside bomb blast rocked the Mardian district of Jawzjan province, killing six members of a family, including women and children.

The incident took place Tuesday evening in the center of Mardian district, Jawzjan when a civilian vehicle was hit by a roadside mine blast.

Confirming the incident, Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said that “ an IED bomb, embedded in a civilan vehicle by Taliban went off, killing six family members and wounding another.”

Meanwhile, Mardian district governor Shamsuddin Sadat, said the victims were members of a family, including a woman and three children.

However Interior Ministry says the mine had been embedded by the Taliban. But the group has not commented so far.

Family Members


Roadside Bomb Blast

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