“Respect Afghans’ Sovereignty” Says Obama To Nawaz Sharif

KABUL: (MEP) – In Recent meet the US president has said that Pakistan should respect the sovereignty of Afghanistan and cooperate in restoration of peace in to that country.

US president Barak Obama recently met Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Washington, BNA reported.

It has said that the leaders of the two countries mostly focused on strengthening relations between Islamabad and Washington and assessed the reasons that caused misunderstanding and led to deterioration relations between them.

To end this situation the US president and Pakistani premier also discussed the ways to overcome the challenges that strained their last long friendly relations.

At the meeting, Nawaz Sharif called the US drone attacks on Pakistani territories as violation to sovereignty of that country.

Meanwhile Pakistani prime minister asked the American side to support Pakistan in international issues. Politicians believe, the aim of Pakistan is that to be supported against India.

President Obama pointing to global anti-terrorism campaign said in spite of 12 years struggle, still this disastrous phenomenon exists and threatens the world peace.

According the political experts  the fight against terrorism will not succeed since terrorists are save in their hideouts on the other side of Durand Line and foreign interference are continuing as before.

President Obama explicitly has said Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan should respect Afghanistan’s sovereignty and honestly cooperate for restoration of peace and stability to that country.

Political experts say that this is a clear message of Obama to Nawaz Sharif that America knows who violates Afghan sovereignty, which leads to terrorists’ activities and causes the concerns of its allies and US and further lengthen the war against terrorism.

The meeting held in a time whiles the relations between US and Pakistan were strain during the last years. The assassination of two men liked to US intelligence in Lahore, Americans commandoes raid on Asama’s residents, air attack on Mohmand Agency and killing of 22 Pakistani troops there, creating transit problems for American forces stationed in Afghanistan by Pakistan and finally Pakistan’s double game in regional developments are the factors that strained the relations between the two countries.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif traveling to Washington and raising the drone attacks on tribal regions and repeating a strong commitment on playing active role in process of peace in Afghanistan tried to bring out US – Pakistan relations from this stagnant situation.

Also, Nawaz Sharif by raising the drone attacks issue on Pakistani soil in his talks with US president wants to assure Pakistanis that he is committed to the commitments made earlier during the elections campaign.

However, the consequences of the talks between the two leaders indicated that they had no significant progress on some issues. As in a joint news conference with Pakistani premier, US president did say nothing about ending the drone attacks on tribal regions of Pakistan and this indicates that the drone attacks will continues because the attacks have proved to be successful in killing Al- Qaeda linked people and Taliban commanders.

Frahnaz Asfahani the advisor of Ali Zardari the former Pakistani president talking to the results of Pakistani premier to Washington has said that optimisms were on during the negotiations. Without doubt, with return of Mr. Sharif to Pakistan there would be no any tangible change because US and Pakistan are seeking privileges only for their own.

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