Quran Spring Exhibition

Kabul: (MEP) – Al-Zahra Mosque in Kabul to Host 5th 5th great exhibition of “Quran Spring” will be held in the Afghan capital of Kabul as of Monday, July 15.

This was announced by Seyyed Mousa Hosseini, an official with the organizing committee, who said it is held with the participation of Dar-ul-Quran centers of Kabul and publishers from Afghanistan and other countries, Ava Press reported.

He said Al-Zahra (SA) Mosque in the western part of Kabul will host the event from July 15 to July 25.

17 Afghan publishers and 3 publishers from other countries will showcase their works at the expo, he said, noting that the Afghan Calligraphers Association, the Quran Printing Organization and the ministries of culture and information will also participate in this exhibition, he stated.

Hosseini said it will include programs such as Quran recitation sessions, recitation and memorization competitions, painting for children, and Islamic arts programs.

He went on to say that the exhibition will be launched in a ceremony on Monday, July 15, with the participation of political and cultural figures.

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