Qatar’s Efforts to Spy on the Activities of Egypt in Beirut

w460KABUL: (Middle East Press) An informed source in Lebanon revealed that leader of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea was summoned to Qatar to explain the political situation in Lebanon particularly Egyptian activities in Lebanon.

According to the report, Geagea answered to Qatar’s intelligence chief. It is said Geagea’s trip took place after his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Due to he was warmly welcomed at the time of his return from Qatar, it could understand that Samir Geagea could draw Qatar’s satisfaction in the missions.

While the Lebanese Forces had close economic, political and security ties with the Government of Egypt under Mubarak and even continued during the Morsi era.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar is the third country after Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that has employed Samir Geagea directly and without secrecy.

It is said that Geagea also spayed for Qatar on Egyptian embassy in Beirut in the past.




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