Protesters Lock Government Offices in Ghor Province

22 Jan 2020

KABUL (MEP) — A number of young people and civil society activists in Ghor have locked the gates of government offices in protest of the lack of funding for the development of the province.

Nizar Ahmad Kouhin, a member of Ghor’s civil society, told MEP that social activists locked the gates of 50 government departments last night.

Ghor Provincial Office was also blocked by the protesters, said Kouhin.

Kouhin further said marching is due to Ghor’s funding budget for 1399 Solar Year, which does not include major development plans.

According to the source, Ghor citizens want the asphalt of Kabul-Ghor-Herat central road to be paved, but the project has not been included in the budget.

In the other side, a large number of Ghor citizens in another rally called for the balancing the state budget for the provinces.


Government Offices



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