President Ghani Pledges 300,000 AFG To Female Athletes

GhaniKABUL: (MEP) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during a meeting with the country’s medalist women in the twelfth sports events in South Asia, pledged to provide them 300 thousand Afghanis of his own budget.

Mr Ghani met the female athletes at the Presidential Palace (ARG) in the presence of Bibi Gul, the first lady.

In this meeting, Robina Jalali, Deputy National Olympic Committee, spoke on behalf of others and proposed the female athletes’ problems and suggestions to President Ghani.

Ghani hailed the country’s female athletes, saying “we are proud of our country’s brave women who have achieved and raised the name, dignity and the flag of Afghanistan in sports competitions in South Asia.” He expressed.  

The President noted that the amount of three hundred thousand of his own money to female athletes would assist them in solving their problems relevant departments will take appropriate action.

Ghani meanwhile thanked the families of female athletes that encourage them by Islamic and national culture and hoped more success in the future competitions.

At the end, President Ghani awarded Citations to Somaya Ghulami, gold medalist and three other South Asian Women Championships medalist.



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