Politicians backup Summons of the Loya Jirga

12 Feb 2019

After President Ghani announced that he will summon the Loya Jirga, a number of politicians, including Hamid Karzai, supported the action.

According to Middle East Press; president Ghani in a summit on Wednesday (Feb. 11), declared that he calls for holding a grand consultative Loya Jirga on peace.

He wanted the High Peace Council to gather all influential figures by end of this continuing luner year and let Loya Jirga make decision on important national issues.

The president added that this council will be the same as a grand compulsive assembly, in which all Afghan influential streams will be invited

He called on Omar Daudzai, Head of Secretariat of the HPC to organize the forum of the council.

Meanwhile, Ex-President Hamid Karzai, who played a key role in holding Moscow summit with presence of Afghan politicians and armed Taliban delegates, expressed his satisfaction on this action.

He wrote on his Facebook page “he proclaims his support and endorse Ghani`s decision for summoning a consultative Loya Jirga to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.”

“As I have repeatedly emphasized summoning the Loya Jirga and the proportion of people`s willing, I see it as the only solution for existing problems in the country,” Karzai said, “now I also consider illustration the will of the people through the Loya Jirga to achieve a permanent and universal peace in the country and I declare my full support of government`s preparation for holding it.

The former president also described Omer Daoudzay`s appointment as the leader of the council affairs, an appropriate selection.

However, it is unclear whether armed Taliban delegates present the Council or not, and how the issues on foreign troop withdrawal and interim government will be discussed?


Loya Jirga


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