Police In Vienna Rescues 24 Afghan Refugees Trapped In A Truck

EDITORS NOTE ---- RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAKABUL: (Middle East Press) Nearly two dozen Afghan refugees have been rescued by police in Vienna, capital of Austria, who were locked in a truck, Austrian officials said on Tuesday.

The truck is believed to have come from Hungary, according to police reports.

In the rear cargo hold, 24 young men aged 16 to 20 had been “stuffed” in an area of 3.35 x 1.75 x 1.8 meters (10.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 feet). The sliding side door of the truck had been welded shut, and the tailgate had been locked, leaving the men in a “very dangerous” situation, police said.

“It was like a rolling prison cell … they were crammed in, sitting and standing on top of each other

“They would not have made it too much further.” Thomas Keiblinger, a Vienna police spokesman told Reuters news agency.

The discovery comes just days after 71 refugees – believed to have been Syrians – were found suffocated to death in the back of an abandoned poultry truck in Austria.


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