Poland to reduce military presence in Afghanistan

KABUL: (MEP) – Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the government has made decisions which mark the launch of Poland’s withdrawal from military operation in Afghanistan. The upcoming 14th rotation of Polish troops in the country will involve only 1,000 soldiers, instead of the 1,600 deployed in the previous rotation, warsaw reported.

“We live in such times that our military presence abroad serves to protect our own borders. Your courage and your presence in Afghanistan have not been in vain. Thanks to you, the reputation of the Polish army is excellent,” said PM Tusk.

Earlier, Poland had announced that it would fully withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan in 2014, when the current NATO-led mission ends. After 2014, NATO will maintain a smaller training and advisory contingent in the country.

Polish President Bronisław Komorowski has indicated in recent weeks that Poland would be far more reluctant to take part in foreign deployments in the future and it will concentrate mostly on modernizing its national defense system.

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