PMOI Shared Specific Information with Daesh

KABUL: (Middle East Press) Members of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran resided in Camp Liberty in Iraq are in coordination and interaction with the Islamic State in Iraq and recently shared invaluable information with this group.

This information has been given to Daesh in coordination of America’s embassy in Baghdad include the following:

-Images and data from the PMOI’s information cameras overlooking the airport and recorded 24 hours

– Pictures taken by Baghdad Airport security cameras such as checkpoints, departure lounge, runway, control tower and control room

– Features and eye scans files of all foreign visitors, especially Iranian and Lebanese

– Information on the location of the airport security forces, police headquarters, the number of security         guards in each shift, the type of weapons and methods of their function

– Strengths and weaknesses of Baghdad airport security and its security gaps

– A map of all roads, crossings, doors, shelters, fuel storage sites, facilities and equipment of airplanes

– Statistics on all domestic, foreign, military and ceremonial flights

– Statistics on all equipment, airplanes and supplies of the Iraqi government

–  A map of all the buildings, streets and places around the airport

–  List of all staff, crew, Iraqi pilots and police forces at the airport

– The location and type of defensive systems of airport, and their air operations map

It is said that PMOI had an easy access to valuable information because Camp Liberty is adjacent to Baghdad airport and this camp is the permanent place for this security organization, it has secret tunnels to the airport which makes it possible to access the different places of airport and secret flights in emergency situations.


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